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BetOnline Poker Withdrawals

Page summary: Lists the current withdrawals options at BetOnline Poker. Includes the minimum and maximum cash out options based on the method used for your withdrawal.

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BetOnline.com Withdrawals - How to Cash Out at BetOnline.com

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Players making cash withdrawals from BetOnline Poker have 6 different withdrawal methods. I've always noticed that online poker rooms tend to have more deposit methods than withdrawal options. Maybe that's because they want to make it harder to withdraw money than add it in, or maybe it's because the accounting department is always grumpy to hand out money and therefore wants as few headaches (methods to keep up with) as possible.

The BetOnline Poker withdrawals methods are much more balanced (9 to 6) than most online card rooms, which may be one small reason Bet-Online Poker tends to get high ratings. I'll go over each of these withdrawal methods, so you'll know the full range of options and be able to select the method best for your needs. You choices include a couple of big electronic money transfer companies, both person-to-person and book-to-book options, and the old, trusty methods like a check mailed to you or a deposit in your bank account. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so let's take a closer look at each.

Check from BetOnline Poker

Check Minimum: $500 - Check Maximum: $2,500

A check comes to you via courier: usually FedEx or UPS. This is the handiest way to get your money, but note that it's going to take a little while and you're going to have to pay for the convenience. If you want your check delivered within 7 business days, you'll need to pay a $50 fee. If you want your check delivered within 15 business days, you'll have to pay $35 instead. Even if you aren't stressing and you don't mind that it might take up to 30 days for the courier to bring you your poker winnings, the fee is going to be $25. 

Bankwire Transfer from BetOnline Poker

Bankwire Minimum: $500 - Bankwire Maximum: $15,000

Having the payment directed to your bank account is going to be quicker, but even more expensive. The fees cost between $45 and $75, depending on the bank in question. The time required to make the deposit can be under 7 business days, though some banks take up to 10 business days to process on their end (expect as much when an online gambling site comes up on their report). You'll also have to fax or email BetOnline Poker your banking information. On the upside, you can withdraw up to $15,000 in funds.

Per$on-to-Per$on Withdrawal

Person-to-Person Minimum: $100 - Person-to-Person $2,500

The person-to-person withdrawal method is the opposite of what I talked about on the Betonline deposits article. You'll be able to get the money transferred to your personal credit or debit card from BetOnline. This will take between 12 to 36 hours, if the transfer is requested before 1pm EST during business hours (on a business day), but you should expect the payment sometime after 6pm EST on that day. The fees are large on this method, as they range between $34 and $185. Keep in mind that you're only allowed one transaction of this kind per week.

Moneybookers Withdrawals from Bet Online Poker

Moneybookers Minimum: $25 - Moneybookers Maximum: $8,000

The maximum amount listed is per week, though this can be broken up into 3 different payments. One business day has to occur between payments, so you can expect up to 8-thousand dollars in payments over three payments if you request them on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Payments take no more than 36 hours to appear in your Moneybookers account. This method is only available to those who deposited funds using Moneybookers. Though BetOnline currently refers to this service as Moneybookers on their website, note that Moneybookers has rebranded as "Skrill", so at sometime in the future, that name will probably appear on the BetOnline Poker website instead of Moneybookers. This is the cheapest fee of the bunch at only $20.

Neteller Withdrawals from BetOnline

Neteller Minimum: $25 - Netweller Maximum: $8,000

Neteller's withdrawal option is exactly the same as Moneybookers. Both have the same withdrawals min and max limits, along with the same 3-withdrawal, 8000-dollars per week stipulation. Both cost $20 per withdrawal and both promise to credit your account (NETELLER in this case) within 36 hours of the transfer. Like Moneybookers, you can only choose NETELLER as a withdrawal method if you use Neteller to make a deposit at BetOnline Poker.

Book-to-Book Withdrawals from BetOnline Poker

Book-to-Book Minimum: $500 - Book-to-Book Maximum: $8,000

Book-to-book withdrawals let you make a withdrawal from BetOnline Poker and place that money into another participating sportsbook online. These transactions usually take a few hours to happen, though it might take up to 24 hours. The maximum payout per transaction is $8,000, while the total max for a week is also $8,000. Fees may apply in a book-to-book withdrawal, but they vary. Those with questions about this method should contact BetOnline Poker's "Live Help". If you have further questions, you can call 1-888-358-3142 inside the USA and Canada, while those outside the US and Canada should call +507-206-3369.

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