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PKR VIP Program

Page summary: An overview of the loyalty rewards VIP program available at PKR poker.

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PKR VIP Program - Loyalty Bonuses at PKR

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PKR Poker offers a generous loyalty program to players who regularly frequent the PKR tables. While earning points for all types of real money play in both tournaments and ring games, players can climb the ladder of loyalty levels at Club PKR for cash, gifts and other poker rewards.

Benefits of Club PKR

Always Up, Never Down

One of the commitments of PKR poker is to help players succeed when they play there. This contributes to the loyalty policy of always up never down, which ensures that once a player has achieved a certain loyalty level, they will not lose that level of rewards for the lifetime of their account at PKR Poker. In generous contrast to most other online poker rooms, PKR allows players to earn an ongoing total of PKR loyalty points and keep them, not making players keep earning a requisite amount each month or each quarter in order to keep accessing the loyalty level rewards. The points belong to a player for life.

Among the list of other benefits and rewards that Club PKR players receive are:

  • Stacked magazine, for tips and tools on improving as a player
  • Club PKR freerolls, exclusive for players at each level
  • Gifts such as chip sets, poker books and poker merchandise
  • VIP live event access
  • Bankroll boosts with reload bonuses
  • Increased deposit limits
  • Ability to arrange private tournaments (at higher levels)
  • Tickets and seats to special events and VIP tournaments
  • Additional gifts and hospitality packages
  • Club PKR newsletter

Requirements to Join Club PKR

There is not a long list of requirements for joining the fabulous Club PKR loyalty program. In fact, it doesn't even require any sign-up. Once a player has registered a real money account at PKR poker and made a first real money deposit, the player qualifies as a member of Club PKR. It's that simple.

From there the process gets even easier. With every bit of real money play that a player participates in at a PKR table or tournament, the player earns PKR points. In tournament play, players get 100 PKR Points for every dollar in paid tournament fees.

On raked ring games hands, players earn PKR points based on the percentage of rake collected from the table. Larger pots earn each player more points. Each player also earns more points based on the amount of his personal contribution to the pot. So if player A puts in $40 to the pot and player B puts $200 into the pot, player B will earn more PKR points at the end of the hand.

Player Levels in Club PKR's Loyalty Program

To achieve a Club PKR level, a player needs to collect the total of points for each level. These are not monthly or quarterly totals, just overall totals that players don't lose. Again, with the always up, never down PKR policy, once a player has achieved a certain level, that level is theirs for life, or until they earn the next level points and move up the loyalty ladder at PKR Poker.

The points required to reach each level are as follows:

  • Member: 5,000 to 35,000 points with at least one real money deposit required
  • Bronze: 35,001 to 100,000 points
  • Silver: 100,001 to 500,000 points
  • Gold: 500,001 to 1,000,000 points
  • Platinum: 1,000,001 to 2,500,000 points
  • Diamond: 2,500,001 plus points

Truly, Club PKR is one of the most accessible and most enjoyable VIP programs in online poker. As players can quickly and easily earn their loyalty level with real money play, it seems as though PKR poker just wants to keep offering better and better rewards to its loyal, regular players. From automatic entry with a first real money deposit to the keep-it-for-life function that allows players to achieve a level and stay there without having to continuously qualify for it, PKR poker is rewarding its players in big ways both on and off the card tables.

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