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Several popular poker sites have been shut down recently. There are now very few legal online U.S. poker sites.
If you would like to play online poker legally, then you can view our list of LEGAL U.S. POKER SITES.

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Easiest Poker Sites (Fishiest)

Page summary: These are the fishiest, easiest to beat online poker sites.

Easy Poker Sites - Easiest Online Poker Rooms in 2024

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For soft competition and easy money, players look for "fishy poker sites" where the players are inexperienced and easy to beat. Fish are novice or loose players who bet big and play through weak hands. In contrast, experienced sharks are seasoned players who know which hands to fold and which to play. The easiest poker sites offer lots of fish at the lower and middle stakes tables. The fishiest online poker websites generally have one thing in common - they also have online casinos and/or sportsbooks. These poker sites pull in action junkies from their casinos and sportsbooks who come to the poker tables ready to gamble. For poker players, this is great. It means that real money cash games are juicy and easy to beat.

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There are currently no online poker sites that offer this feature. Please visit our full list of poker site options to find another poker site.

How to Identify Fishy Online Poker Rooms

The easiest poker sites or fishiest poker sites have a large percentage of beatable players. This could be due to the players' inexperience at poker or because of their loose betting style.

Players test the fishiness of a poker room by looking at several criteria. A high viewed flop percentage indicates that opponents are playing weak starting hands, and playing them too deep into the hand. High traffic poker websites for micro and lower tables can also indicate a larger population of novice players. Even with low buy-ins, pots can grow as loose players and novice players call more, bet more, raise more, and fold less often.

These players also tend to be calling stations and fold less often. Your best moves that might work against better players will be wasted on less experienced opponents. Inexperienced players don't pay attention to how many hands you're playing, so tighten up after the flop and look to make real hands. See as many cheap flops as you can with starting hands that have potential. Against fishy players, look to play suited connectors, small pairs, and in earlier position than you would against better opponents. However, fold more often post-flop, continuing with the hand only when you have a real hand, or a hand with nice potential.

Larger, low buy-in tournaments at the easiest poker websites also gather more fish at the earlier stages of the tournament. Since the buy-in gives every player the same amount of chips, many inexperienced players are willing to risk a small buy-in amount to see how far they can get in the tournament. More experienced players can build large stacks early, putting them in easy position to make the money.

See more flops while the blinds are small and the fishiest players are still in the tournament. If you make the nuts, or a hand that you know is best, don't be afraid to bet big. Less experienced players or those just learning to play poker will pay you off. It's hard enough to make big hands, make use of them when you get them. Don't be afraid of scaring people off early in the tournament.

Additional Information about the Easiest Poker Sites

Experienced players who play at poker sites with a lot of fish need to be careful when moving into higher stakes cash games or late stages of tournaments. Highly skilled players go unnoticed for a while among high volumes of fish, but in late stages of a tournament, they will be there. Make adjustments for their skill level, and play them accordingly. Habits created while playing against weaker players can get you into trouble against better opponents.

Visitors from the casino and sportsbook add to the fishy player traffic at these low limit games. Overall, Bodog Poker is the easiest poker site. Be sure to write down our bonus codes and use our links to any poker website you're going to join. This ensures that your poker deposit bonus will be credited to your real money account.