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Several popular poker sites have been shut down recently. There are now very few legal online U.S. poker sites.
If you would like to play online poker legally, then you can view our list of LEGAL U.S. POKER SITES.

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Page summary: When you consider that Android did not even exist a decade ago, it has had an amazing rise to become the world’s most popular mobile operating system. The good news for online poker fans is that there are plenty of Android Poker sites to choose from. Some of these offer games using dedicated Android apps – while others let you access the tables via your browser window. This page covers the games, sites and access details for Android online poker sites.

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The type of games suited to smartphones and tablets are different from those suited to desktops. The first section below examines those choices. After that I have covered the pros and cons of each of the ways you can access Android poker sites. You’ll find a list of both US and global poker sites which current offer poker on your Android device at the end of the page.

Play Real Money Poker on Your Android Device

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Best Poker Games for Android Devices

Whether you are playing on a tablet or a smartphone – or sitting next to your desktop makes a difference to the best types of games. Having the ability to play while mobile means games which you can dip into and out of quickly are appealing. The longer-format poker games – for example the big field multi-table tournaments – are better when you are comfortably accessing your desktop.

A new generation of poker games has come along which are ideal for Android smartphones. These are the fast-fold poker variants, and lottery sit n goes.

Fast fold poker works by instantly combining players from a large pool at a table for each new hand that is played. When you fold, which can be done out of turn, you are instantly taken to a new hand to keep the action going. This means that it is possible to get a lot of play in a short period – without needing to multi-table (which is more difficult on a mobile device). Fast Fold poker is branded differently at different sites – for example Zone Poker at Ignition Poker and SNAP poker at 888.

Lottery sit and goes usually last less than 10 minutes. These are super-turbo 3 handed games, with a prize pool which is randomly assigned – making it possible to win a jackpot-level prize. The short format (and big entertainment value) of these games make them ideal for smartphones as well as Android tablets.

Apps and Browser Poker Games on Android Devices – Pros and Cons

When you log on to a poker site with your Android powered device, you’ll find you are offered one or both of 2 different ways of accessing the games. Some sites will let you download an app. Others will let you play in your browser window instead – and a small subset will let you choose either.

There are pros and cons for each way of accessing the games. Apps require installing (and keeping up to date), and are only available at small number of the biggest global poker sites. The advantage of these is that they are fast and reliable once you do have them installed. Some will support playing more than one game at a time.

Browser based games have improved considerably over recent years. These games do not require installation; you simply log on to a site via your browser. Generally speaking, you’ll be restricted to a single game at a time via this method. Depending on which site you choose, the games can take a couple of minutes each time to initialize in your browser window.

With many sites, you will not have a choice – with very few rooms offering both options.

Android Poker Sites for US Players

Offshore poker sites which welcome US players are smaller than their non-US facing equivalents. Many of these sites have not reached the scale where they can invest in mobile poker options. One site which does offer Android poker games for US players is Ignition Poker – which took over the poker room and software from Bovada. You’ll be able to reach their fast-fold poker variant called ‘Zone Poker’ via your Android device – as well as the regular cash games.

Android Poker Sites for Non-US Players

Outside of the US, there are some huge poker sites – and many have invested heavily in their mobile poker platforms. 2 sites lead the way, with both PokerStars and 888 Poker offering you native Android apps you can download. These are both very professional, though the PokerStars app is my personal pick – thanks to the ability to play up to 4 games simultaneously.

These are by no means the only global poker sites which offer you Android device access. Party Poker and Unibet Poker both have excellent browser-based mobile options. The iPoker Network has also started offering mobile poker, though this is not up to the standard of their rivals just yet.