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Several popular poker sites have been shut down recently. There are now very few legal online U.S. poker sites.
If you would like to play online poker legally, then you can view our list of LEGAL U.S. POKER SITES.

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Page summary: The best sit and go poker sites offer a wide variety of tournament formats, including single table, multi-table, short handed, turbo, super-turbo, and more. The following poker sites are the best places to play sit & go tournaments.

The Best Poker Sites for Sit and Gos in 2024

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Although live and online poker rooms hold lots of large poker tournaments throughout the year, the best way to score big during the rest of the year is in Sit and Go poker tournaments. Where many poker tournaments are scheduled in advance, or require a player to qualify through satellites, sit and go tournaments offer an alternative: a tournament where players can simply jump in and start playing as soon as the table fills up. While sit and go tournaments are played in some live poker rooms, they run non-stop at online poker sites. The following poker websites offer the best variety of sit & go poker tournaments.

Online Sit & Go Poker Tournaments

Sit and go poker tournaments run all-day, every day, which makes it a popular choice online. As soon as a table is full, the tournament can begin. Players will compete in games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, Razz Poker and most other poker variations. In single table, 9-player sit & go tournaments, prizes usually go to the top three players, which means that even a beginner can enjoy a sit and go tournament and have the opportunity to win.

Most sit and go poker websites offer tournaments throughout the day with players each paying a required entry fee in exchange for a certain amount of chips. This entry fee will make up the jackpot, with the top three winners earning a certain percent of the pot.

Sit and go poker tournaments are available in single table and multi-table formats. In Texas Holdem, they can be heads-up, 4 players, 6 players, or 9 players per table. In other games, a full table will consit of 8 players instead of nine. They can be run in regular speed, turbo, or ultra-turbo formats, which determines the amount of time between each blind level. As time goes on, the blinds continue to get higher. For more skilled players, it's smarter to play in sit & go tournaments where the blinds go up slowly, leaving less to luck and more to skill.

In the early rounds of a sit & go tournament, look to play more hands while the blinds are cheap. Look for opportunities to play suited connectors and any pair (attempting to make a set). The idea is to try to make a big hand while the worst players are still in the game. If you can make a big hand, you might get one of the newer players to pay you off, giving you a big chip advantage early. Make large bets when you have a big hand and don't be afraid of scaring people away.

As the blinds go up, be more selective about your starting hands. Raise preflop with big starting hands and don't let weaker hands limp into the pot. Look for chances to steal blinds in late position, with preflop raises from 2.5 - 4 times the big blind. As the tournament becomes short handed, get more aggressive since it's less likely that your opponents will hold big starting hands.

Although you won't win as big as at scheduled, guaranteed tournaments, you can play 24/7 at any of the great sit and go sites such as FullTiltPoker.net. Since you can only lose what you paid in to get into the tournament, sit and go poker can be a thrifty way to play. The next time you see a sit and go poker game, be sure to grab a seat at the table and see for yourself how easy it can be to win a piece of the pot.

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